ASA Initiative

Meaning of ASA Initiative

The acronym ASA means: A-Alternative; S-Sets of; A-Assistance
These different sets of assistance serve as a corporate Initiative in poverty reduction strategy
which is embodied in the logo of ASA Initiative with the household as a focal point.

Our legal status

ASA Initiative, is a Non Governmental Organization (F-NGO) registered under the Ghanaians
Companies Code Act 179 with registration number (G – 17052) on the 17 th January 2006 as
NGO, non profit and non partisan and as humanitarian/voluntary organization as registered with
the Department of Social Welfare with registration number D.S.W/3190.

Core Activities

The core activities of ASA Initiative include economic empowerment of women and youth to
eliminate unemployment and underemployment through its socio- economic projects, research
and technology development projects, green agriculture, green energy and soil improvements,
waste management through intergrated food energy system.

Aims of ASA Initiative

ASA Initiative aims at reducing poverty in general with specific emphasis on climate change
poverty and its related problems through provision of economic and social development
assistance to the deprived and the needy in the Ghanaian society. This is pursued through
networking with other developmental partners, locally and internationally.
At the grassroots level, the organization is highly involved in the development of micro and small
enterprises for employment creation and poverty alleviation.

Target Clients

The target population include the productive poor and people at the Bottom of the Pyramid.



Contact Us

Telephone: +233 (0)33230578
Mobile: +233 244631848
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Office: +233 332095924
Skype: asainitiative