ASA Initiative

About Us



Our Approach

Integration of Research: We research into the economic opportunities and potentials available
within the communities of target clients to take advantage of for livelihood improvements of

Microfinance as a Tool for Poverty Reduction

The initiative employs Microfinance including capacity buildings as a tool for microenterprise
development at the grassroots level.

Biochar Research and Technology 

We collaborate with Universities and Research Institutions both locally and internationally in
science, business, arts etc to develop new ideas, methods, practices and technological solutions
for the development of the rural and urban economies of Ghana and Africa.
If you are University, Research Institutions or Donor organization interested in collaboration
and support, contact us.

Removing Obstacles

Organic Market for Small Scale Holder Farmers:
We focus towards working on limiting factors to Agriculture as business, market for small-
scale holder farmers.

Improving Soil Fertility of the Crop Land:
The use of biofertilizer for the treatment of the crop land improves the fertility of the soil of the
farmers’ field. Our goal is to facilitate smallholder farmers access to biofertilizer for application
to their farm fields to increase their soil fertility to improve output and quality.