ASA Initiative



Forests play a major role in contribution towards activities to reduce effects of climate change. Based on the elementary principle that during the day plants absorb CO2 and bring out oxygen for man, our Initiative is in support of maintenance of existing fruit yielding trees to increase availability of trees needed for CO2/Oxygen sequensation activities. We support cultivation of new plantation of fruit bearing tress to serve as responsible climate activities. We also promote increasing important varieties that are losing plantations such as Baobab, Guava, Soursop, etc .

Sustainability of forestry development is supported by the ability of the forest tree to generate sustainable income and food security without compromising wood harvest for livelihood. The targeted households harvest fruits to improve their nutrition and sold surpluses for income generation to support their families livelihood. Open doors are wide for timber and non timber woodlots development through support for seedling acquisition, inter cropping at development stages. 

Community education and technical interface for increasing awareness at the grassroots are among many strategies for knowledge and implementation deployment.