ASA Initiative

Biochar Research and Technology



The river Pra seperates desolation from rainforest . Chemicals uses to wash and bond gold from the land wound up in the river locals used to use for drinking water and other activities of daily living.  It is now contaminated with txins and heavy metals.








Moon-like landscape used to boast a successful cocoa plantation before being illegally strip-mined in 2012.













A pond was formed by the miners, and is filled with toxic water unfit for irrigation.


















The farming family that owns the now-dead land surveys the damage.  They have spent 7 years attempting to reverse the damage with no luck.










Family members collect soil samples from Denkyira Krowpong.  They have high hopes that Biochar fertilizer and ASA Initiative will bring their farmland back to life.



Biochar Plus in Pictures




soil samples from Denkyira Krowpong​​​​​​​