ASA Initiative

RELATION TO Microfinance and Poverty Reduction?

  1. One core dimension of ASA Initiative Microfinance project moves on the road to improve productive poor households’ incomes by facilitating microenterprise development through assisting to identifying and taking advantage of the economic opportunities within the environments/communities of the target clients.
  2. The ultimate goal of the BeBi project (under technology transfer) is to create and develop Small and Medium Enterprises responsible for:
  3. Stove production and marketing locally;
  4. Pellets production and distribution;
  5. Collection, testing and distribution of Biochar meant for application on to the crop land.
  6. Right application of Biochar unto the soil improves soil fertility and crop productivity from the farm land of the productive households.
  7. At the end of the day lesser percentage of the household income will be spent on energy for cooking.
  8. Improve indoor air quality - If health bill of related diseases caused by indoor air pollution are avoided, then this can spare households of their disposable income.

Some facts and figures to be aware of

Indoor air pollution kills 1.3 million people per year, mostly women and children more than malaria, and almost  equal to tuberculosis and AIDS (WHO, 2006).    
Indoor air pollution is  the most important cause of death among children under 5 years of age in developing countries (WHO, 2000).


Women and children in developing countries are the most vulnerable to indoor air pollution. Women spend most of their day doing the cooking within the household. Children are often close to their mothers in the kitchen.

Concern of United Nations  in her Development Goals 

UN Millenium Development Goals 4,5,6 aimed at reducing child and maternal mortality and disease.

Under the BeBi project,  development, production and use of improved stoves become the way forward to reduce indoor air pollution without modifying traditional cooking and heating methods.