ASA Initiative


A beneficiary of ASA Initiative microfinance services has this to say:

​​​​​​​“I was a book hawker at the lorry stations but with the group loans and business advice from ASA Initiative, I was able to set up a kiosk and stock it with assorted stationery.

Now I have many customers and l can meet their demands. Not only was l given microloan support, I also received business advice which helped me understand the business l do. I can keep simple records of my daily sales and expenses, and am able to project how much profit I would make monthly.

I have employed my brother - who was formerly unemployed - to assist me at the shop.  All thanks to the microfinance of ASA Initiative - where the smile begins”.

A woman entrepreneur has been microfinance group loan beneficiary since 2006. She shared her experience.

​​​​​​​“I was advised to diversify my business so that at least everyday there would be demand for my products. Very often officers from ASA Initiative visited my store to see the progress and challenges of my business. I started on a very small note but today l have opened a bigger store with many assorted items to meet many demands. ASA Initiative moves along with my business growth. At every loan cycle l increase my loan size to meet my working capital needs. The financial counseling and cash flow l went through at every loan cycle has helped me to know beforehand the expenses, sales and income l will make at every level. With this I have been able to avoid spending money on unnecessary items and l could detect the right loan amount needed for my business”.