ASA Initiative


Madam Comfort is a single parent with two children. She established her “food   bar” with microfinance loan from ASA Initiative.

She started with sale of food on table. She has this to say: “During the 6th loan cycle of my group, the officers of ASA Initiative together with me did what they called feasibility studies of the food bar.  We sat together and went through the cash flow. At the end of two weeks assessment the results proved that operating this new chop bar would be more beneficial to assist me pay back the loan and have enough money to cater for my family.

Surprisingly, l managed to pay all my installments from the operations. It all cost GHC3, 000 (UD$2000 at the time).  I was not worried because l already knew during the intensive one week training how much l will get everyday, the expected challenges and how l have to manage them to make my gains. During this same period my elder daughter gained admission to the polytechnic, l was able to foot all the bills from the profit of the food bar operations.  

Now l have also employed 4 additional people to work with me. The training l received from ASA Initiative has enabled me to manage all these people and my customers.  I have just taken my 7th loan which l used to buy foodstuff in bulk from the Northern Region and other surrounding villages to lower my cost of operation and can serve my customers well”.