ASA Initiative

Biochar Plus

Biochar Plus

“Energy, health, agricultural and environmental benefits from biochar use: building
capacities in ACP countries”. ACP/EU cooperation in science and technology II
Biochar plus project is a follow up project on Agricultural and Environmental Benefits
from Biochar Use in ACP Countries (BeBi) Project.

Activity Performed

The main activities performed included capacity building for stakeholders in biochar
systems in Ghana. Another area was on the use of biochar systems for economic
development with emphasis on microenterprise developments. ASA Initiative was also
responsible for project visibility and, communication and dissemination of project results
in Ghana/Africa. The Institution contributed towards the formation of Africa Biochar


 ​​​​​​​Development of Biochar treated NPK or organic fertilizer for application to the
crop land to improve soil fertility and crop yield for smallholder farmers.
 Changed soil structure of very poor soil due to climate change impact to very
fertile soil.
 Use of biofertilizer for land reclamation.
 Facilitated development of Elsa Biochar stove in Ghana; a slow pyrolysis, low-
temperature plant/ cooking stove that uses pellet and agricultural and wood
waste of uniform sizes as fuel for cooking and making Biochar simultaneously for
agricultural purposes.
 Processing of wood and agricultural waste in to pellet as fuel (alternative to
wood and charcoal fuel) for cooking.
 Evaluated (Dec 2016) by FAO-Rome as the best Integrated Food Energy System
(IFES) for Africa